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    Recomendation letter

    As an essential part of the application we request a recommendation letter (send to: that should be sent independently by the thesis advisor, Postdoctoral Sponsor, or Chair of the Department. The recommendation letter must contain an assessment of the ability of the applicant to communicate orally in English.

    Upon acceptance

    If accepted to the course we request that you bring a single slide that describes your research, as well as a short video (max. 5 minutes) that showcases your country or city, your place of work, and your subject of interest. For inspiration you may look at similar videos presented in previous offerings of the course at

    Deadline for applications: July 15th, 2024. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed.


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    Please explain why you are applying to the course, and which aspects of the course will help your current or future work.


    Funding: Acceptance to the course includes the cost of shared housing during the course, travel to Las Cruces and Valparaíso and most of the meals. A small number of travel fellowships will be offered to students who do not have any other sources of funding to pay for the trip. If you need the fellowship please justify your request below. Please include the amount needed and what it would cover. As funds are extremely limited we cannot guarantee that you will be awarded a travel fellowship and encourage you to look for alternatives sources of funding for the trip.