Mission Statement

The SBBI mission is to provide opportunities to young scientists by enhancing their network capabilities with world-class science organizations. We believe that connecting or strengthening a community of scientists creates future leaders. SBBI is a space to seed knowledge and by doing so to make an impact to the economical growth of Latin American region.


By seeding knowledge with important biological questions, nurturing growth of these ideas with outstanding faculty and students who want to make an impact.


Why Invertebrates?

why invertebrateInvertebrate model systems amenable to genetic manipulation have made seminal contributions to many aspects of modern science, from ion channel function and pattern formation during development to circadian rhythm and other complex behaviors. Furthermore, their use and maintenance is relatively inexpensive and straightforward compared to mammalian models. These features make invertebrate model systems ideal subjects for research in areas of the world where resources available for scientific research are limited, such as Latin America.


  • Low cost
  • Cutting edge science
  • Powerful genetics